Debbie Holt

15 years of personal training experience
2000-2001       Kangaroo Courts
2001-2013       Fit One Athletic Club
2013-2015       The Gym Independent Training Facility

Personal Training Philosophy
“Your health and well-being are in your hands.  Take charge!  Make the changes in how you eat, exercise and perceive life.  Remember, life is a gift and how you feel will reflect in how you enjoy it.”

Classes specialize in:
Weight loss, overcoming injuries, body awareness and positive attitude.  Class focuses on Strength and flexibility, functional movement, balance and core strength.

Education and Training

  • AFAA Personal Trainer certification
  • NFHS coach Certified
  • Horizontal Conditioning Instructor
  • SCW Small Group Training with Kettle Weights certification
  • SCW Sport Nutrition certification
  • efi Sports Medicine Gravity Personal Training certification
  • efi Sports Medicine Gravity Pilate certification
  • efi Sports Medicine Gravity Group Instructor certification
  • ESA National Aerobic certification
  • ESA Personal Training & Strength Training certification
  • Johnny G Spinning Instructor certification
  • CPR and First Aid certification
Debbie knows what it is like to be out of shape and overweight
Debbie herself once tipped the scales at 200lbs, which is a lot of weight for her 5’ tall frame. Something had to change! Debbie joined Kangaroo Courts in 1997 never working out a day in her life. Debbie worked out regularly 2 hours a day for 5 days a week but nothing changed; the weight didn’t just come off with all her hard work. Frustrated Debbie hired a fabulous personal trainer who started to educate her on the importance of change in her fitness routine and training in the proper heart rate. The last piece to the puzzle was FOOD, Debbie started food journaling and lost 70lbs and 18% of her bodies fat in 6 months. That is how Debbie fitness career started.

Debbie Holt. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, personal trainer, coach, gardener and lover of life.

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